Wednesday, September 30, 2015

''Soon She'll Be Like a Book You Read a Long Time Ago''

I thought I could occasionally write about my favourite quotes, so here goes.

This one has to be my all time favourite from the film 'Endless love'. I think it is the utmost perfect way to look at a passed love. Either a good one or a bad I think it's perfect. Because books are books, they're written and they end, you can go back and read it over and over but the story won't change. If there's no happy ending the first time, why would it be any different if you go back. Getting over somebody can be, and usually is a long horrible process, worse if you know they're doing fine without you. The metaphor is a nice way to look at what is no more. It's beautiful, you see it as fond memory and there is nothing else to it. Sometimes love runs it's course but the memory of it can last. You can read the same book over a hundred times but the ending will always stay the same. So when you are toying with the possibility of being back with somebody maybe the best way to keep them is in thought, you could end up disappointed because there's nothing better than that first time feeling. 

I like to read, and I like love, the way I figure it is that reading a good book is like the way you fall in love; you only get that exquisite feeling of reading a new book once. Once you've finished it rereading it isn't the same but you can remember how that once felt and start to read a new one. (i.e fall in love again)

It gets easier and soon that person will be like a book you read a long time ago. A beautiful memory or completely irrelevant.
I'll conclude this post with another quote that I believe links quite well 
''When it’s over, leave. Don’t continue watering a dead flower.''
Thanks for reading.

Chloë X

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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Same Sex Relationships

I watched a video a while back of a man suggesting how absurd it would be if schools were to teach children about gay relationships in Religious Studies or whatever lesson. It was really disgusting,the way he spoke about it, like it would poisoning young children, that we’d be implying that being with the same sex is normal. What he was saying was really offensive and VERY discriminating. He was clearly severely homophobic (although he denied that).

I then thought to myself  when I was younger I remember seeing same sex couple and thinking that it was wrong, because I'd never seen it before (I regret that now). But back then I didn’t understand that not everybody is the same and they didn’t have to be. I think now, that it should be compulsory to educate children on the topic. People are so against gay relationships because they’ve only been shown one way. People are afraid to say they’re attracted to the same sex because people are only taught that men and women should be together.  It’s so wrong that peoples feelings are suppressed due to social norms. It should change rapidly. I want my children (when I/If I have them) to be happy with who they love and feel comfortable with their sexuality, not anxious and worried of what others will think. Society will collapse in the future if people continue to look down on same sex couples and people are never told that it’s okay to be gay. It’s wrong on so many levels.

I think it is funny how 'gay' was/is used as a insult, I remember when I was younger replying to this with ''Gay means happy'' and I was right, I guess. I am straight, however I know what love is, and I know that if you are in a same sex relationship it must make you happy, so be it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being attracted to the same sex. You are who you are. It makes me sick that people have ended their beautiful lives because of the fear of people opinions/reaction to their sexuality. People should not have their emotions eat them up because society tells them that their feelings are corrupt. 

I think my generation is much more understanding of homosexuals however there is still a long way to go. You're a shitty person if you look at somebody differently, or your opinions change because somebody is dating somebody of the same sex. 
Gay - ''light-hearted and carefree''

What's next?

Chloë X

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Lets Touch on Fashion

The most repeated sentence from my mother is ''Fashion repeats itself''', she is so right. Another famous quote from my mother, ''I used to have something just like that'' which is probably the most frustrating line ever, in which I stubbornly reply ''why didn't you keep it''.

                                                 My mum epitomising the 80's

The late 80's-90's forever being my favourite fashion era seems to always be on trend (thank god). We have just spent summer, and now entering autumn with 70's vibes. As much as I adore wide sleeves and high waist flares (not that I could ever pull these off being 5ft3) I think it's almost time to part ways with the mustard and rusty tones and head back to the much loved 80's.

After LFW/NYFW it would seem that designers are digging the bold, vibrant colours and shapes from 80's. Dog tooth, shoulder-padded oversized blazers and decorative jumpers (very Andie Walsh). I'm not the biggest fan but I definitely won't be afraid to pull out my disco pants again. An 80's trend that I do 'dig' is the statement earring; so easy to incorporate in everyday clothing without trying to look much like an 80's enthusiast. However the 70's are still going strong, especially in the footwear department with chunky wedges, lace up heels and knee high boots. 

You can never go wrong with wearing black, which is why I'm pleased to see the ''wild child'' theme making an appearance (yet again) for AW15. With the likes of Saint Laurent and Alexander McQueen introducing black 'Gothic' style. I love it, and so easy to recreate with my 'go to' store H&M with their grungy divided collection, I'm forever finding dark statement pieces to repetitively wear for incredibly decent prices. 

                                     Saint Laurent, Versace, Alexander McQueen

What are you looking forward to wearing this season?

Thanks for reading!

Chloë X

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

My First Blog Post

As this being my first blog post to keep (you very few) readers from moving on from my blog I will TRY (empathesis on the try if you hadn't noticed already) keep this quite short and simple.

I am currently 18, almost 19 (not that that's relevant). Anyway, a brief synopsis of what I like is as follows; I'm not musically talented in anyway but (like every person ever) I love music, going to gigs, concerts, live music I just love it. I spent the majority of my childhood and teenage years being a shy awkward and moderately miserable girl but after realising I really need to grow up I'm A LOT more confident (but still need a little bit of work). I have three best friends, 1. Lives in Essex, we've been friends since we were 4. 2. Just moved to university, when I moved secondary school she was my designated 'Buddy', I wasn't too sure at first but we've been inseparable since and last by certainly not least, number 3. My 17 year old sister. As sad as that may sound they are literally the three most perfect and beautiful people in my life and I wouldn't want to live life without them. 

                                      My sister and I in Brugge, Belguim August, 2015.

I'm no expert but again (like every girl ever) I love putting on my make-up to make myself feel pretty. I have trialed and error-ed for years and can now averagely apply eye-shadow but simply cannot and will not trust myself with winged eyeliner. // I like photography // I wasn't a big reader until summer last year. // I love heeled boots, shoes, clothes and fashion in general however working part-time in Next isn't funding this as much as I would hope. (It's full-time o'clock as I do nothing with my time and still need to figure out a career path lol). // I'm a walking cliche, I love cats, though i do not have one, I'm a frequent Starbucks customer. Still a huge Bieber fan, I love eating out in restaurants, I adore Mexican food. I love dead roses (and alive ones) there is a lot more to say but I think I'll call it a day. 

Obviously this isn't me inside out, you still only know the basics, if you even stayed long enough to read any of this anyway. But I like writing, I like the internet and I guess I thought it would be remotely cool if people enjoyed reading what I write instead of it going unread on my Tumblr or in my little diaries I keep. I guess I'll write about anything from my views on things to my opinion on the semi-tragic society we currently live in. 

What else do you want to know or hear about?
Thanks for your time, really.

Chloë X

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