Sunday, December 20, 2015

''What a treacherous thing to believe that a person is more than a person''

Sorry for a lack of posts I've been working like mad over the Christmas period.

I'm a massive fan of John Green and his incredible way with words. He's the only author to ever keep me captivated in a novel. The only author to intrigue me so much that I'm reduced to tears or contagious laughter. I thoroughly recommend his work.

Anyway, for those who don't know, this quote is from Paper Towns. You see, my problem with people is that, if I love them I will continue to think they're better than they are even if they completely fuck me over. I praise them to the high heavens because I feel like they're more than they are. I always want to see the best of them and I always hope that they're not as bad as they've proved to be. Which is a 'treacherous' thing to do because I'm left hopeful yet always end up broken. It's in my nature to see the best in people, to put all my faith into somebody because I am so accepting of the people I love, 

People are people. People can be completely and utterly lovely or they could be absolutely shit. You can never expect much from anybody. In fact, you shouldn't expect anything from anybody because you'll anticipate good things from them that will never come. I could have the whole world telling me "you can do so much better" but I never want that I hate it when people tell me I can do better, I don't want better? Who is better than this person? I am too expectant that people will be more than what they are and will turn around and prove everybody wrong, and me right. It sucks because it never is that way. I waste so much of my time praying that these people will be more than a person and it's such a mistake. 

I really love this quote, I think it's a perfect. I need to learn to spend more time on myself rather than on people who don't spare a thought on me. Where people I once adored have let me down I fear falling again. I'm afraid of starting again, worshiping a person (who before meeting them I was completely fine) to then have the feeling of the world against you. How a person could be the only person to make you happy to the one person who makes you sad. Love is never the same but the pain is.

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