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Girls can be, and often are, the worst most horrible specimens to grace our earth. However, I am not here to talk about that kind of girl. I want to talk about the rare kind, the diamonds in the rough, hidden gems and best kept secrets. The girls who praise other girls. The ones who compliment one another. And most importantly, and the reason for this post, the ones who protect one another.

In this day and age I find that a lot of us are anxious, even the most confident of girls get uncomfortable with unwanted male attention. I think I speak on behalf of the majority of girls with the fact that 'oi oi' isn't as flattering as you may intend it to be, no means NO and it is NEVER okay to cross boundaries and touch us. (By that I do not mean 'I'm too prestige', I mean it as in inappropriately). My honest favourite feeling is when a girl senses your discomfort and literally saves you. I've read some lovely stories of when a girl has helped another girl out in a distressing situation so I thought I'd write about mine. 

A while a go I was on my lunch break. I usually spend these sitting alone, on a bench and listening to my music in my own little world because I find the staff room horrendously awkward. I had my bag in between myself and another girl.  Unfortunately, my 15 minutes were coming to an end when this guy came over and asked me if it was okay to sit where my bag was. Me, thinking nothing of it happily moved my little black bag and got ready to leave (as I needed to go back to work). He then said ''I actually came over because I thought you were beautiful''. I, very awkward and easily embarrassed, thanked him very much, he then continued to ask for my number, me, being uninterested, (and believe seeing somebody at the time) declined, explained why, apologized and then said that I needed to get back to work. My rejection must have hit a nerve, as he started to question it, called me a bitch because he thought going back to work was a getaway excuse. At this point I got a little stressed out and felt hideously uncomfortable, baring in mind that my music was still playing in one ear so in my tizz I couldn't really hear how rude he was being. My hands began shaking slightly and my chest swelled up in its usual manner. I honestly needed to get back to work I proclaimed, as he continued to, I guess, harass me. He then abruptly stood up and stormed off. A heavy weight was instantly lifted off of my shoulders. The girl on the other side of the bench was obviously listening in. I got up to go, when she stopped me to ask if I was okay, my initial response was 'Yes I'm okay thank you' although that salty water was rapidly developing.  It was nothing major what she did next but to me in the moment its all I needed. ''Are you sure you're okay? Did you want me to walk you back to work?'' Although I said that I'd be alright, the fact that she offered to somewhat, protect me, until I was safe was the most gratifying feeling. I felt so lucky, her words made me feel safe, I am still so thankful to this day.

Another, more recent act of kindness was on an exceptionally cold Saturday night. McDonald's decided that it would be a fantastic idea to lock a large group of intoxicated, hungry and fairly rowdy, cold teens outside until there was no queues inside. But, of course, there were a few middle aged, foreign men packed within the group. Whilst huddling up to my best friend two men behind us were getting unpleasantly close. One of them then put both hands on my shoulders and somewhat shook me and said ''you must be cold''. My face must have pictured how distressed I was. A girl who was with us, who I'd only met a few times and spoke to briefly so naturally wrapped her arms around me and gripped my hands until they opened the doors. It was so selfless. She's probably doesn't even remember doing it, but to me she is a literal angel.

So thank you, to all the lovely girls who have ever helped, protected or comforted girls when they are insecure. You're worth your own weight in gold.

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Apologies for the HUGE lack of posts, I should be back on track for weekly posts, I hope.

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