Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Love Yourself

I always see posts online of people saying 'love yourself before you love anybody else', 'love who you are' and stuff and I think that's true and great. My problem is however, as soon as somebody does show a hint of self praise they're shot down with 'full of themselves', 'big headed' and 'loves themselves too much'.

I grew up hating who I was, it's really sad. I know SO many people are/were the same. I remember literally screaming and crying one day when I was as young as 6/7? in my room because I thought I looked like a boy, and sounded like Malfoy from Harry Potter (lol). I think that is so so so sad that at that young age I was embarrassed of myself. I hope there is nobody that young that feels the same. This feeling was continual for so many years until the past year or so? My unhappiness was getting a little unbearable, looking in the mirror saying ''I hate you, you're ugly,'' I did that far too often and looking back at it now it's quite heartbreaking. I kinda bullied myself I guess, now if I'm feeling shitty I try be positive to myself because it helps. I'm so much happier with myself now. I ditched people who make me feel worthless, stopped caring what people might have thought about me and spent time with people I loved. If you surround yourself with people who love you, you will start to love yourself. 

It is SO important to love who you are, I believe its totally fine to like your body, your hair or facial features. You are you. If you don't appreciate yourself you'll be miserable, you'll train yourself to believe that nobody will want you, because you don't even want you. If you appreciate you, you won't care what other people think. I love the way I dress, I like how I do my hair, I like my make up and I like me and if somebody turned around go me and was like 'I don't like that' I'd let it go over my head, I don't care if somebody isn't a fan of what I'm doing with myself, I'm a fan.

So, love yourself. Tell yourself in the mirror that you look cool today. Rub your confidence off on other people so they can feel good too. Being told that 'you love yourself' shouldn't be an insult, embrace it. You're only given one life, it's up to you to make it a good one.

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Chloë X

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