Wednesday, November 18, 2015


It's absolutely heartbreaking. This world is so tragic. It's clear that there is so much love in the world as the world is showing their support and praying for the "act of war" in Paris. But why on earth is this happening? It's disgusting, bombing the most beautiful city, of love and breaking thousands of hearts how dare they. 

I'm petrified. My heart hurts, I can't believe that there are people who are capable of such massacre. Its revolting, why is this happening what do they honestly think they'll achieve from this. It's fucking hideous that they've targeted innocent people, families, couples and children. It's horrific they were probably having the the best night of their lives and I imagine some of them even said those exact words and these sick people destroyed their whole life, merciless. They probably were counting down the days until the match or the concert all for their precious lives to end tragically. 

Can you imagine the horror, being there, knowing you probably won't survive. I think even the thought of knowing I was going to die so gruesomely and knowing I'll never see the faces of the people I love, the pain of never seeing my family, never telling people how much I love and appreciate them enough, no future, the thought of that alone could kill me. The fear in that moment would be absolutely sickening. 

I can't imagine how these peoples families and loved ones feel at this horrible time. All I know is that you were probably their last thought and the whole world is thinking of you and praying for Paris. I'm honestly scared for my life because it can be gone in an instant. I hope and pray to God that this all ends and western countries stick together and never give in. Were stronger than them. Please don't start war, love and respect everyone, don't be stereotypical and racist because that's what they want. Spread love and we can try our very best so not let their hopeful "Great War" happen. 

Be safe and careful. 

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My thoughts are with Paris and everywhere and anyone affected by the terrorist attacks. 

Chloë X

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