Sunday, November 22, 2015

Just a Thought

I think there is too much negativity and sadness around at the moment, unhappiness is an all time high. And it's sad because it's so easy to make somebody smile, whether it be showing an interest in their day, paying them a complement or just smiling at them. If anything were ever to happen to people you love you would regret not telling them that you loved them enough. I have a really strong friendships with people because it's so easy to be genuine and tell them how much you're thankful for their companionship, that you love them, that they look beautiful and just showing them general respect. ''You look nice today'' I don't know, just simple things that make people feel good about themselves. My friends and I are always dropping random complements in our conversations and each time it feels nicer to receive. I really don't think we tell people how much we appreciate them enough. 

When I am working if I like a customers hair, nails, clothing or whatever I'll tell them. I'm not afraid to tell people they look good. Seeing a genuine smile from them afterwards is so nice. I hope that something that was so natural and easy to say could have made that persons day. I just wish more people were comfortable with telling people that like what they've done with their hair, or whatever because it's the simple things that go a long way.

Sometimes nice words go over your head. But sometimes they stay with you and when you're feeling unhappy with yourself you remind yourself of when these kind things were said about you. For example, about 4 years ago I was waiting for a friend to get off of her bus and two old ladies got off and without any hesitation said that I was beautiful to my face and spoke so lovely about me to her friend. It still makes me smile all these years later. Negative things however are much easier to remember, again,  for example; the very first time I met my ex's friends about 3/4 years ago (I was youngish and very shy) I heard one girl say "she's pretty", in which another responded "yeah for Shrek" in which they then were laughing and saying "Fiona" behind my back for the whole time I was there and as we walked away. Firstly, I don't know who these girls were, nor do I care, but what I do know is that they made me feel so fucking shit and insecure and I still today think how nasty that was. Secondly I fucking hate Shrek so it was a double insult. Anyway, I'm not green so I try not take it to heart. If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything. It is shit that something that they probably cannot even remember saying still pisses me off years later. But then this works either way I guess, if you make somebody happy with a words you've said it would feel so nice knowing that they still are thankful for what you said that random day 4 years ago.

It's so easy to be nice. It's totally cool to not like somebody, you won't always get on with everyone, but don't be a dick about it. Be nice to people. I just think if everyone were to just be nice, and if you think somebody looks nice, TELL THEM they might be having a really shitty day and you could completely change that. Make people smile, it's nice. 

Let me know what you want next. 

Thank You!

Chloë X

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