Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Lush Haul

I've been a Lush customer for as long as I can remember. I pretty much only like having a bath if I have a bath bomb to come in with me. After receiving some lovely bits for Christmas, I thought I'd treat myself to some more, and, as per usual I am delighted with the purchases I made.

Dragon's Egg
I loved this fun filled bath bomb with colourful confetti, my one critique is the water colour left is golden/yellow which leaves me feeling uncomfortable as it looks like I'm bathing in very strong (yet nice smelling) wee, a few Lush bath bombs create yellow/orange water but  nevertheless I am ALWAYS satisfied. It has a very citrus fresh smell which is lovely, leaving you feel very clean and relaxed. 

I haven't used karma yet but I have heard great things about it, what's not to love about a soak in a glittery purple bath? What I love about bubble bars is that you can get more than one bath out of it, I reckon I could have about  three baths with using Karma as it is quite large. This bubble bar is quite zesty, smells very clean with a hint of patchouli which is very fresh. I'm very excited to use this.

I saw this bath bomb on Instagram and fell in love. It kind of reminded me of the 'Experimenter' bath bomb but a more pretty version as I'd much prefer to bathe in blue glitter rather than the greenish colour the experimenter left me with. I loved this galactic treat. The peppermint and popping candy works exceptionally well together creating an ''80's aftershave'' scent that I absolutely adore. You leave the bath feeling soft, smelling divine and shimmering with glitter. It's a must have.

Soft Coeur
This massage bar is such a beauty, I am a lover of a sweet smell. I've loved it for endless years, my mum has used it for the majority of my existence and it smells like a dream. A sweet creamy vanilla, toffee, cocoa scent that soften your skin and leaves you smelling heavenly for hours. Every time I visit Lush I get my friend to give me an arm massage using it. I absolutely love it and recommend it greatly to you all.

Eau Roma Water
My sister introduced this product to me and I am so glad she did. The Rose water calms the skin and reduces redness (which I NEED), whist the lavender water softens the skin. This is great to use before moisturising to start the day and great for removing access make up at the end of the day. This product is so great a few spritzes of this completely freshens up my face and really does work a treat, it smells beautiful and makes you feel awake. I recommend you try this.

Thanks for reading, what lush products have you used recently? 

Chloë X

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